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Computer Forensics And Trace Unit

Computer Forensics And Trace Unit
(Data collection/Internet Trace -)

Whether recovering and collecting data for evidence or verification of computer activities, the investigation of threats via e-mail, offenders attempting the illicit seduction of minors, matters of Fraud or the sale and distribution of illegal products or merchandise. Request a Quote

Professional investigators experienced in various aspects of computer forensics and internet communication protocol perform Data recovery & collection services as well as internet trace investigations to identify and locate possible offenders who hide behind the shroud of the internet.

Recovery of Data

Collection of data for evidentiary or verification purposes Investigation of illicit or threatening e-mail communications. Sale & Distribution of illegal products or merchandise via internet marketing. Request a Quote

PKI Services Available to Law Enforcement and private investigators agencies only.
(WEP Hacking -802.11b, Cracking/Interception)

Additional Services:

  1. Systems Security Certification Auditing

  2. Governmental Agency Compliance Auditing

  3. ISO17799/BSI7799 Information Security Auditing

  4. Perimeter threat assessment & protection

  5. Intrusion Detection and mitigation

  6. Internal threat assessment & protection

  7. Physical computer security & risk assessment

  8. Denial-of-Service attack mitigation

  9. e-Commerce data integrity consulting

  10. Internet/Intranet server integrity checking

  11. Firewall systems integration and testing.

  12. Backup & archiving systems implementation

  13. Virus/Trojan/Malicious Code threat reduction

  14. Soft data protection and control

  15. Hard data protection and control

  16. Firewall/Proxy solutions and consultation

  17. Human Resources information protection

  18. Accounting Systems information protection

  19. Cryptography Encryption/Decryption implementation

  20. Decompilation and programming assistance

  21. S/Mime Secure Encrypted e-Mail implementation

  22. Public Key Infrastructure Integration

  23. Legal and investigative assistance

  24. Technical and forensic electronic investigations

  25. Expert testimony and documentation

  26. Human and Social Engineering consultation

  27. Security Policy review and consultation

  28. Privacy protection consultation

  29. Personal computer security

  30. A wide range of related services

  31. Bodyguard Services -Special Event Only!

Who do you need this level of protection from?

  1. Cyber pirates seeking profits & information.

  2. Hackers, crackers and phreakers seeking a thrill.

  3. Your competitors seeking to destroy you.

  4. Your ex-employees seeking revenge.

  5. Your employees seeking knowledge and power.

  6. Vendors and business associates seeking leverage.

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