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Constantly look for new ways to expand your web site! We can help

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Cleo & Nacho Design combines strategy, design, and technology into successful business initiatives for our clients.

Your project will be successful because we listen to you — we understand that when a client entrusts us with their success, we have to deliver. By being proactive and easy to work with, we will collaboratively develop and deliver your project so it truly meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We empowered our employees to work remotely years ago, enabling us to operate around world.

As the tools of our art evolve, we've learned to implement emerging technologies, like Microsoft .NET, XHTML, and CSS2, that allow us to take our clients' projects to the next level. And, we've never stopped refining our skills in strategy development, information architecture, and database design.

Our challenge is to meet your business needs and the needs of your customers.

We are limited only by your imagination. We focus on customer satisfaction and service, as well as the development of robust web applications and attractive, user-friendly graphical interfaces. We are always abreast of the latest technologies and in tune with our customers needs so that we can help prepare them for future growth.

We've been developing custom web applications since 1996 and have developed over 1,500 web sites including small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations and universities located all over the country.

The Cleo & Nacho Design team brings a wide variety of skills, talents, and expertise to the table, with core competencies in:

  1. Strategic Planning

  2. Competitive Analysis

  3. Search Engine Optimization

  4. E-mail Marketing

  5. Content Development

  6. Copywriting and Copyediting

  7. Web Site Design
    User Interface Design

  8. Information Architecture

  9. ADA / Section 508 Compliance

  10. Flash Development

  11. Business Process Applications

  12. E-Commerce 

  13. Inventory Management

  14. Database Design, in technologies including .NET, ASP, ColdFusion, Visual Basic, MySQL, T-SQL, JavaScript, and PHP

Cleo & Nacho Design, can help you make effective use of email to announce a new site launch, promote a new product or service, send a survey, or a periodic newsletter.

The CQUiS team at Cleo & Nacho Design is responsible for numerous of ethical hacking and security architecture solutions performed around the world, and now specializes in security assessment, firewall reviews, e-commerce application testing, and PKI technologies (Public Key Infrastructure).

Samples of our Web Design Work  
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The following examples represent a sampling of our recent work:
Client: Bartendergirl.Com

Bartendergirl, Inc. is a business that provides full event planning services this site showcases their services and expertise.

Client: Addiction Alternatives

The site was developed to help meet the information and education needs of clients and families receiving services for substance abuse treatment.

Client: Nike

This e-commerce site sells shoes and sport products.


More Samples of our Web Design Work


Vas a hablar en Español.  Translated, "You are going to speak Spanish."  We are rapidly approaching the point where 55 percent of U.S. families will speak it as their first language.  And in our business lifetime, this number will approach 75 percent. If one in four Americans is more comfortable speaking Spanish than English, that is huge business opportunity, don't you think!

While recognizing this trend is important, it's event more critical to avoid stereotypes and to better understand their different cultures.  For instance, while recent Cuban-, Mexican-, and Salvadorian-American immigrants may share a command language, they are a different culturally as our Irish, Scottish, and English immigrants of over a century ago.  Cleo & Nacho Designs, can help you understand that gap...  We understand Latin Cultures... We can help you market your site in Latin Countries!

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Put the power of the web to work for your business.

Want to give your company global reach?  Improve your customer services?  And help your operations run more efficiently, all at the same time?  A company web site can help make it possible.  And Cleo & Nacho Design cam make it easy. Learn more about what we do



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