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Get More for Your Advertising Expense

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CD ROM Business Cards

Constantly look for new ways to expand your web site! We can help

e-commerce solutions

Ecommerce Software Shopping Carts for Small Business

  1. Editable Shopping Carts

  2. Ability to Accept Credit Cards

  3. Web-Based Administration

  4. No Fixed-Term Contracts

  5. 24/7 Toll-Free Support

  6. Free SSL Site Security

  7. HTML Knowledge Not Required

  8. Flexible Shipping & Tax Options

What can Cle & Nacho Design do for you?

Why do 1000's of successful small businesses choose us? Because our e-commerce solutions are easy to manage and our client support is second to none.

Benefits of our service include:

  1. Add e-commerce to a new or existing web site quickly and professionally.

  2. Continually add new features to your online store without paying for programming.

  3. Proven reliability for delivering services and support.

  4. Promotional services to increase your program's visibility

  5. Graphic services to enhance your store's credibility

  6. Fraud prevention and detection

  7. Online payment processing.

  8. No need for you interaction!

Search EnginesSearch engines send automated computer programs (called robots or spiders) to crawl the Internet in search of Web pages. Basically these spiders follow links to travel from URL to URL. When they visit your Web site, the robot indexes (or records) the text of your page or pages (if it is a deep crawling spider) and stores it in the search engine's index. Later, when a user enters a search query at the search engine's Web site, the search engine scans Web pages in its index for pages that provide the best match.

In theory, the search engine spider is supposed to be able to find all the sites on the Internet. However, since new sites are being added daily, it's risky to assume that the spider will find you. Expedite the process by submitting your URL to the search engines.

Top Search Engines:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo

What are Search Directories?

Unlike the automated search engine process, each entry in a directory is first reviewed by a human being. You submit a short description to the directory for your entire site, or editors write one for sites they review.

A keyword search will only look for matches in these descriptions, so be careful how you describe your site. Techniques to receive a high search engine rating will not work with a directory. While good content is necessary for search engines, both good content AND visual appeal are mandatory in human-edited directories. Remember, manual review takes time! The typical time lag between submission of a site and its actual listing in Yahoo is five months.

You can speed up the process at some directories, but expect to pay for that service. This trend will probably continue.

- Yahoo's Business Express Program, offers express guaranteed consideration of your commercial Web site within seven (7) business days.

- Google has recently moved to an exclusive pay for listing scheme - all new submissions must pay to have their site reviewed.

When you submit to a directory, do it by hand and take your time. You need to impress human reviewers with your site so high-quality content and design are critical to your success.

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Reach new profits, markets and success with Cleo & Nacho Design's web hosting!  Clients are attracted to business with a professional image. Our small business identity package lets your small business benefit from a professionally designed web site for an affordable price!

e-Mail Marketing --- Get the results you want!

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Your time is valuable. So is professional Web expertise. When you choose Cleo & Nacho Design, our experts will design and build a custom Web site to meet your needs and provide ongoing maintenance and support. Watch your business revenue take-off, with our personalized Internet Marketing.



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