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Get More for Your Advertising Expense

Typically, direct mail using this type of business card generates $11 in sales for every dollar spent. Now that's a return on investment to get excited about!  Cleo & Nacho Design has all the tools to help you create a highly targeted, turnkey direct marketing program Read more

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CD ROM Business Cards

Constantly look for new ways to expand your web site! We can help

 source: Click Tactics study, July 2003

direct marketing

We create great-looking, email campaigns in minutes.

Benefits: Easily and inexpensively professional-looking newsletters and promotions, Cleo & Nacho Design build and manage your email lists, and measure your results. It's less expensive than traditional direct mail.

How it works: Cleo & Nacho Design, create email letters using ready-to-use templates, send to your list or an opt-in rental list, track results online.

Recommended Partners

  1. Lorton's Juice 100% Natural Juice!
  2. BartenderGirl.Com Drink stylishly, Drink Responsibly.

Monthly pricing varies based upon the number of email addresses in your list.
Price includes list management and hosting, email creation and distribution, and real-time reporting:
0 50 subscribers - $10 per month
51 250 subscribers -$25 per month
251 2,500 subscribers -$75 per month
2,501 10,000 subscribers -$150 per month
10,001 25,000 subscribers -$250 per month
25,001 50,000 subscribers -Special Quote (monthly fee)

50,000+ subscribers - Please Call 909.862-4141

The following examples represent a sampling of our recent work:

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Mini Case Study

Needed to send out a quick update "alert" every time new stock was added to their online store.

The layout needed to be consistent so subscribers know instantly that it is a New Stock Update.

And it needed to be brief: a single paragraph highlights the main points, deep linking to specific products, with a link to the home page and unsubscribe links in their usual places.

Expert Answers-

Are there any privacy rules regarding direct email?
Can I send my message to anyone?

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Questions submitted by Cleo & Nacho Design users like you and answered by Sales and marketing expert, Peter Jones.

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911 PC Repair (909)862.4141Computing has never been trouble free. You can accidentally over-write or delete a file. Your computer crashes for no apparent reason, or a malicious virus wreaks havoc on your systems.
Joseph Zerpa, Ben Gomez
Let's face it -you're human and you make mistakes.
But computing without Professional Technical Support shouldn't be one of them.

We can help you resolve any technical difficulties you may have with your Web site and/or computer or network equipment.

Tip: Host your web site with us and you'll have access to free technical support all year round.

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Web Development Services

Every company can look like a major player online with a highly customized, professionally designed web site. Through Cleo & Nacho Design, you can access experts in web site design and navigation, content management, hosting and more.  and the cost is much less that you might think. Learn more

Bring your site to life with Flash MX powerful animations, and special effects. Display your company in a new and exciting way.

Dynamic Interface
See how impressive your site can look with flash buttons and sound effects.



Catering & Bartending


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Guide to Network Lockdown
Counter Attack 
Linksys Networks
Secure Your Network
Knowledge is Power


Launching a marketing campaign?
Let on of our business experts guide you through the opportunities and challenges of developing an effective marketing program with articles like "Advertising Tips"

If you have this question in your head our flare service is for you!


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