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Get More for Your Advertising Expense

The return on your advertising expense will shrink during bad economic times unless you take specific actions to prevent it. Look for ways to keep your sales volume growing without increasing your advertising expense....Learn more

CD ROM Business Cards

Constantly look for new ways to expand your web site! We can help

advertise with Cleo & nacho design

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Cleo & Nacho Design. We offer advertising opportunities in many placements, technologies and sizes.

Contact  us to learn how the we can work for you. All questions should be emailed to

Small and/or special campaigns Cost

Small campaigns where you look to spend less than US$400 on advertising, or special campaigns, are welcome.

Advertising Opportunities

Cleo & Nacho Design offers two online advertising methods to help you drive more sales leads to your Web site. Pay-for-Position Advertising or regular banners ads.

Bid on keywords and your business appears in search results on the Web's premier sites, attracting buying customers looking for precisely what you sell.

Banner/Panel Dimensions

File Size

468x60 Banner 12K
180x150 Homepage Ad Panel 8K
728x90 Homepage Ad Panel
(if flash, required: wmode=transparent )
350x350 Half Page 16K
165x350 Quarter Page 16K
120x600 Skyscraper 16K
336x280 Thanks Page Ad Unit 20K
336x280 Flipbook Interstitial 16K
400x300 (max. pixel size) Pop Up 30K
Online audio and video advertising, additional rich media, and additional premium placements also are available. Please call a sales representative for more information at 909.666.4740

Search EnginesSearch engines send automated computer programs (called robots or spiders) to crawl the Internet in search of Web pages. Basically these spiders follow links to travel from URL to URL. When they visit your Web site, the robot indexes (or records) the text of your page or pages (if it is a deep crawling spider) and stores it in the search engine's index. Later, when a user enters a search query at the search engine's Web site, the search engine scans Web pages in its index for pages that provide the best match.

In theory, the search engine spider is supposed to be able to find all the sites on the Internet. However, since new sites are being added daily, it's risky to assume that the spider will find you. Expedite the process by submitting your URL to the search engines.

 See more in Search Engine Ranking tips

Reach new profits, markets and success with Cleo & Nacho Design's web hosting!  Clients are attracted to business with a professional image. Our small business identity package lets your small business benefit from a professionally designed web site for an affordable price!

e-Mail Marketing --- Get the results you want!

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Your time is valuable. So is professional Web expertise. When you choose Cleo & Nacho Design, our experts will design and build a custom Web site to meet your needs and provide ongoing maintenance and support. Watch your business revenue take-off, with our personalized Internet Marketing.



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